Businesses around the world strive for consumer stickiness through multiple customer engagement programs like Gift Cards, Employee Benefits, Rewards & Loyalty (GBRL) and in turn, improve profitability. However, the current engagement programs are mostly broken with poor ROI.

The idea of loyal customers is quite clear as an important driver of growth in a business. You could think about the 80/20 rule and how much revenue comes from a small portion of customers. Loyalty has long been associated with loyalty programs and rewards that’s missing the boat. That might be one step in the broader process of building deeper relationships with loyal customers, but it’s about actually understanding customers personally and giving them that unique experience.

It’s about rewarding customers, and it’s also about personalizing merchant’s interactions with customers, capturing feedback and engaging and responding and talking to them in a way that’s relevant and not just the generic message that a lot of brands are doing, whether it’s via email or SMS. It’s about delivering a full suite of tools to engage with customers personally. Talking about transparency through rewarding system, ZAGG Network is definitely a spot on one!

ZAGG Protocol will change this by ensuring that information is always available to users on the public blockchain but at the same time protecting their businesses by ensuring terms and conditions on the privacy subchain are in place. ZAGG Protocol will also allow its users to trade their loyalty points for products and services.

What is ZAGG Protocol?

ZAGG Protocol brings technological innovation in blockchain to build the world’s first truly decentralized protocol for the Gift Cards, Benefits, Rewards & Loyalty industry.

Just Recently,

MOA Platform, a blockchain O2O platform, joined hands with ZAGG Protocol in a bid to expand their horizons. The platform, aims to resolve fundamental problems inherent in O2O services. With MOA, O2O platform focuses on decentralization from the technical aspect of blockchain as well as from the angle of business, while ensuring that every member on the platform is rewarded.

Together, the two blockchain protocols will cater to merchant and customer delivery providers, attracting and serving corporate customers and gaining international traveler access. This also gives way for interoperability between the two platforms, making the exchange of respective tokens possible.

Speaking about the partnership, Raj N Phani, Founder, ZAGG Protocol said, “We are happy to partner with yet another company from South Korea. Partnership with MOA Platform is a step in the right direction. The ways we can collaborate and better our solution is unlimited! ZAGG Protocol looks forward to working with MOA!”.

This partnership will allow ZAGG Protocol to explore more prospects with respect to the type of merchants and user functionalities. Simultaneously, this merger will open up new opportunities for MOA as they can incentivize the way their users experience and engage with their platform — providing them with another collateral platform for the exchange of services.

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